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About Citation title: "Phylogeny of Barnadesioideae (Asteraceae) inferred from DNA sequence data and morphology".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2306 (Status: Published).


Gruenstaeudl M., Urtubey E., Jansen R.K., Samuel R., Barfuss M., & Stuessy T. 2009. Phylogeny of Barnadesioideae (Asteraceae) inferred from DNA sequence data and morphology. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 51(3): 572-587.


  • Gruenstaeudl M.
  • Urtubey E.
  • Jansen R.K.
  • Samuel R.
  • Barfuss M.
  • Stuessy T.


Subfamily Barnadesioideae (Asteraceae) consists of nine genera and 91 species endemic to South America. Presumed sister to all other Asteraceae, its intergeneric relationships are key to understanding the early evolution of the family. Results of the only molecular study on the subfamily conflict with relationships inferred from morphology. We investigate inter- and intrageneric relationships in Barnadesioideae with novel DNA sequence data and morphological characters using parsimony, likelihood and Bayesian inference. Competing phylogenetic hypotheses, both previous and present, are evaluated using likelihood-based tests. Evolutionary trends within Barnadesioideae are inferred.

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