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About Citation title: "Phylogenetic Relationships Among Superfamilies of Hymenoptera".
About Study name: "Phylogenetic Relationships Among Superfamilies of Hymenoptera".
About This study is part of submission 11525 (Status: Published).


Sharkey M., Carpenter J., Vilhelmsen L., Heraty J., Hawks D., Dowling A.P., Schulmeister S., Murray D., Deans A., Ronquist F., Krogmann L., & Wheeler W. 2011. Phylogenetic Relationships Among Superfamilies of Hymenoptera. Cladistics, .


  • Sharkey M.
  • Carpenter J.
  • Vilhelmsen L.
  • Heraty J.
  • Hawks D.
  • Dowling A.P.
  • Schulmeister S.
  • Murray D.
  • Deans A.
  • Ronquist F.
  • Krogmann L.
  • Wheeler W.


Cladistics, Entomology, Evolution, Systematics, Taxonomy

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