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About Citation title: " Evolution of pollination by frugivorous birds in Neotropical Myrtaceae".
About Study name: " Evolution of pollination by frugivorous birds in Neotropical Myrtaceae".
About This study is part of submission 22811 (Status: Published).


Nadra M.G., Giannini N.P., Acosta J.M., & Aagesen L. 2018. Evolution of pollination by frugivorous birds in Neotropical Myrtaceae. PeerJ, .


  • Nadra M.G. Phone 3814054927
  • Giannini N.P.
  • Acosta J.M. (submitter)
  • Aagesen L.


Bird pollination is relatively common in the tropics, and especially so in the Americas. In the Neotropical tribe Myrteae (Myrtaceae), species of two genera, Acca and Myrrhinium, offer fleshy, sugary petals to the consumption of birds that otherwise eat fruits, thus pollinating the plants in an unusual plant-animal interaction: fruit-bird ornithophily. The phylogenetic position of these genera has been problematic, and so it was the understanding of the evolution of this interaction. Here we include new sequences of Myrrhinium atropurpureum in a comprehensive molecular phylogeny based on two plastid and two nuclear markers, with the aim of providing the historical framework of the fruitbird ornithophily syndrome. We developed and scored 13 flower and inflorescence characters that depict the macroscopic morphological components of this syndrome. Bayesian and parsimony phylogenies concur in placing both Acca and Myrrhinium in a clade with Psidium species; with Myrrhinium sister to Psidium. Mapping of morphological characters indicated some degree of convergence (e.g., fleshy petals, purplish display) but also considerable divergence in key characters that point to rather opposing pollination strategies and also different degrees of specialization in Acca versus Myrrhinium. Fruit-bird ornithophily represents a special case of mutualism that highlights the evolutionary complexities of plant-animal interactions


Myrtaceae - Acca - Myrrhinium - fleshy petals

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